Generation X, Still Here B*tch

A Love Letter To My Generation

Generation X paving the way.
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Generation X, you are not forgotten. You matter.

Recently, you may have felt like no one talks about your awesome achievements. The media is full of “millennial talk”.

Most of you have a home filled with millennial children day after day after day because of the pandemic. Which, can feel like you’ve fallen into a cesspool of narcissism and you’re last on the list of importance.

And don’t get me started on social media.

You feel like you have to be in full photo-shoot mode to even consider posting an image on Instagram, just to keep up with younger generations. While secretly you are thanking the heavens above that Facebook didn’t exist when you were hitting the club scene or going through a bad break-up. Nobody needs to see those memories.

Let this love letter set you free.

Let it remind you how powerful you were and STILL ARE, my fellow Generation Xer.

You are a wonderful group of people. You have paved the way to all of the luxuries the millennials wouldn’t know how to live without today. Maybe, you even sold out to survive.

You are the contributors that shaped the world.

As the first generation to grow up with video games in the home, you still know the importance of playing outside until the porch light comes on signaling you in for the night.

You were grateful to have an Atari with one boring game. That gamer mindset continues to have an impact on U.S. culture. Your contribution led to over 160 million video game console owners today.

You’re the consumer behind the streaming channel giants, like Netflix.

Growing up with the introduction of the VCR, started the whole idea of watching what you want when you want. You threw away hundreds of dollars on VHS tapes recording your favorite shows to watch later. Not to mention all the money spent so that your kid could have every f-ing Disney movie ever made on VHS. Now, they just take up valuable space since VCRs are all but extinct. You don’t have the heart to throw them out.

You’re welcome, Disney+ channel.

I’m so proud of you for taking back some internet time on Tik Tok. It’s awe-inspiring to watch you lip-syncing to the greatest rap songs in history.

Generation X survived the rap war of East Coast vs West Coast. Your love of rap artists like Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube, who are all part of your fantastic era, started the movement for bad-ass wheels and thumping bass that rattled your whole car.

It’s perfectly normal that when your kids were toddlers they preferred to sing along to Notorious B.I.G. songs rather than that stupid purple dinosaur.

Without you, blogs wouldn’t exist.

You were the first of your kind to bare your soul online. You were publishing posts before blogs even had a name. You harnessed the power of storytelling to drive social change. You put in all the hard transformational work that millennials now get to live with.

Take pride in knowing that over half of the small businesses today are owned and operated by a Gen Xer. You dominate the playing field when it comes to new businesses.

You grew up and became adults during rapid changes in technology that began in the 80s and 90s. And though your baby-boomer parents repeatedly told you were lazy growing up, you have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Now, you’re teaching those same parents how to use a smartphone. Yes, Generation X knows how to use a smartphone. In fact, it’s another fantastic tech thingy you cleared the way for.

So, when you see articles like the one posted in the New York Times saying that you are a small, insignificant, mess of a generation, remember who you are.

You are the first generation to be subjected to cable news when all you really wanted was your MTV.

I’m proud to be part of Generation X. I love you.




Tricia is a lifestyle blogger, Yin Yoga instructor, and life coach.

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Tricia Lynn

Tricia Lynn

Tricia is a lifestyle blogger, Yin Yoga instructor, and life coach.

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